Hi there, I’m Claire and somehow you have found my website. I don’t know how ya got here but I’m happy to see you.

So what is the Agile Buddy website all about then?

Well these days I’m very much into health, fitness and anti aging so that’s what I’ll mostly be writing about.

You see, it wasn’t that long ago that I was in a bad way. I was overweight, tired and just felt ill all the time.

So I decided to start living healthy because all we really have is out health. A billionaire may be able to buy private jets and yachts but when he loses his health he truly has nothing.

We have to look after this vessel that we live in and treat it well.

It’s not ok to eat junk food just because it’s cheap and you’re hungry. You need to fill your body with good stuff no matter what it takes.

Anyway you can probably tell that I’ve become quite passionate about all this stuff.

These days I try to only eat organic food because if it’s not organic then there’s a good chance that it’s covered in pesticides.

I try to follow the alkaline diet as well as it seems to be much healthier. So no junk food!

I also try to workout every day for between 20-60 minutes. I just find that exercise makes me feel so much better and it’s good for the skin.

Some days I do cardio workouts and other days I do resistance workouts. I prefer resistance workouts because they tone up the body.

My absolute fav thing to do lately is yoga as it makes me feel so relaxed afterwards.

And finally I take my supplements. A multivitamin and some other stuff that I’ll tell you about soon.

So I’ll be posting articles about the products that I’ve been buying, health and nutrition tips and especially stuff of exercise.

Anyway I’ll leave it at that for now. Thanks for visiting the Agile Buddy blog.