Losing weight can sometimes be difficult and take a long time.

Gradual weight loss that incorporates a good exercise and diet plan is likely to be more successful long term than a quick weight loss diet.

Still, there are some things you can do to help speed up your weight loss.

Ditch The Pasta!

Pasta and white rice contain empty calories, and are often detrimental when trying to lose weight.

Even though some types of pasta are healthier than others, if you are looking forward to losing weight you probably should limit the amount you eat.

Replace it instead with whole grains, nuts and fruit. If you can find wholegrain pasta, that is also a great substitute.

Ditch The Sugar!

Drastically reduce the amount of sugar in your diet. Sugar is high in calories, and does not really have any other health benefits.

As far as energy, you are better off getting it from more natural sources.

Incidentally, even if you were to cut sugar completely from your diet, you would still get quite a lot of it in sauces, jams and spreads, and other condiments.

Drink More Water!

Contrary to popular belief, water will not make you gain weight.

Retained water may, but if you are healthy you will find that water will instead help to rid your body of toxins.

In fact, if you are dehydrated, which many people are as they believe that drinking coffees and sodas gives them enough liquids, your body will tend to retain more water.

So, drinking lots of water is a good way to avoid water retention and to rid your body of toxin.

Track Your Activity!

Keep track of how active you are, you may be surprised at your level of inactivity.

Once you know how many steps you take during the normal course of a day, you can try to double this amount.

This will mean that you have become much more active, and you will burn up many more calories with very little extra effort on your part.

Instead of driving to the shop, walk. Instead of taking the lift up those three flights of stairs, walk instead.

Instead of driving to work, take public transport and walk back and forth to the bus stop. These simple measures will definitely increase your activity levels and burn more calories.

These simple tips to lose weight fast should help you to lose weight even more quickly.