Losing weight can be tough.

It can sometimes leave you feeling drained, lethargic and wondering why the hell you’re putting yourself through this in the first place!

Here are 4 ways to feel better when you’re trying to burn a few pounds.

1: Don’t Cut Out Fats!

So many people when they go on a diet go low carb, zero fat and mostly protein.

This is just unhealthy.

It’s fine to go low carb or even no carb because our body can survive just fine without carbohydrates.

But to go zero fat? That’s very unhealthy and good fats are very satiating and are imperative for good health.

Try to get some butter, olive oil, fatty salmon and avocados into your diet while you’re losing weight to feel better.

2: Drink More Water and Get More Electrolytes

If you are exercising and reducing your calories then you may be a little bit dehydrated and low on electrolytes.

Try drinking some vegetable broth, adding a bit more salt to your food and getting some potassion.

Avocados are a good choice!

3: Slow Down!

If you are feeling really rough then you may be losing weight too fast and your calories may be too low.

A lot of people go 100 mph to try and lose weight as fast as possible so they work out like a mad thing and starve themselves.

This can have a detrimental effect on your health and even make you gain weight faster when you stop dieting.

Try not to reduce your calories by more than 20% below maintenance.

Try upping your calories by 100-200 per day to see if it makes you feel better and see if you’re still losing weight.

4: Get More Veggies and Greens!

Vegetables can be very filling because they are low on calories but they take up a lot of room in your stomach because they’re full of fiber.

Try to eat lots of spinach, kale and broccoli to fill yourself up and try something like the Organifi Green Juice to make sure you’re getting plenty of vitamins and healthy nutrients to feel better!